Congratulations to the NEJM Knowledgeplus Team

Kathryn Joy | April 16, 2014

Product Launch for NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review – An amazing effort

Over the past year+ I have had the privilege to be part of an incredible team of people helping with the marketing efforts for a breakthrough new product from the NEJM Group.

“NEJM Knowledge+ combines gold-standard content with the most efficient, engaging and effective way to help physicians learn, improve the quality of their practice and prepare for board exams.” 

From the very beginning, I was amazed at the depth of commitment that the product and marketing teams made to understanding the needs of physicians and ensuring that the product and the supporting marketing plans, infrastructure and tactics were everything they needed to be a success. It is indeed a superior product and the marketing launch has been amazing.

A feature-rich marketing site with videos, interactivity, relevant content, blog, study guides….

NEJM Knowledge+ home page

This is just a glimpse of the feature-rich home page on their site.

From my perspective, they did everything right. They carefully researched the market, they were thoughtful about the messaging, platforms and tactics they employed. They collaborated with their physician audience, their vendors and each other. They planned, they executed and of course they worked their butts off! I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the work that went into this amazing product and marketing effort. But I don’t have to. You can see for yourself on the NEJM Knowledge+ website.

As you look around the site, be sure to pay attention to my favorites which are:

The Marketing Overview Video, The Board Review Question of the Week, The Learning+ Blog with amazing posts about all kinds of topics including preparing for the ABIM boards, and product demo.

Getting through a long marketing project like this takes perseverance. But we did it!

Congratulations to the the NEJM Knowledgeplus team!

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