Our Process

Years of successful digital marketing experience have given TC Success a unique perspective. We understand that the marketing process is a continuous cycle and that when that cycle is applied properly, it will produce amazing results in virtually any situation.

Our process can help you build and enhance brand awareness, drive and engage qualified audience, improve conversion rates, and increase leads and sales. We are confident that our approach works and our clients agree.

Conduct Review


Illuminate challenges and opportunities. Provide market context, resources and requirements.

Digital Marketing Audit

Review performance, messaging, offers and site traffic. Evaluate competition and provide strategic assessment.

Baseline KPIs

Set goals and objectives. Determine which KPIs will be tracked and measured against. Set baseline.

Develop Strategy

Audience Segmentation

Identify, target and prioritize audience segments. Create personas and problem-solution messaging for each.

Customer Journey

Determine mix of awareness, engagement and conversion goals to enable the project to drive the customer journey.

Channel Implementation

Create user experience-driven, cross-channel strategy to maximize results and obtain efficient ROI.

Create Plan

Messaging & Design

Create functional wireframes, craft targeted messaging and provide stunning design comps to ensure campaign drives performance.

Contact Plan

Develop an actionable plan outlining the touch points across audience segments, channels, tactics and creative assets.

Calendar & Budget

Determine the dates, spend and targets for each action.

Execute Programs


Create multi-channel assets based on the strategic plan. Get approvals across all checkpoints.


Integrate assets into systems and platforms, test to ensure smooth performance.


Execute programs, monitor to ensure accuracy, quality and performance.


Analyze Results


Ensure correct implementation of campaign coding, pixels and tracking in analytics systems.


Gather data, analyze performance and compare actual results and tests against objectives for all KPIs.


Apply best-performing tests, segments and strategies going forward. Refine and continuously improve ROI.


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