Website Marketing

Website Design and Architecture

Website Design and ArchitectureYour website tells your story. It communicates to your visitors, through its architecture, design, and copy, – who you are – what you do – and why it matters to them. It should reflect your company’s unique personality, communicate your value and strengthen your business relationships. If done correctly, your website will grow your business.

Whether you are upgrading an existing site or launching a new one, TC Success meets with you to fully understand your company, your target audience, your competition, your products and what makes you unique in the marketplace. We’ll look at your overall approach to marketing and figure out what is and isn’t working, and why.

Then we develop messaging and branding that tells your story in a compelling way. And we’ll organize it into a format that works well on the web and gets your visitors to take action so you attract visitors, generate leads, sell product and engage your customers. Your successful website will be designed in context of who you are as a company so you can let the world know who you are and why they should do business with you.

Performance & Measurement

performance and measurementYour Website is the heart of your online marketing strategy. You have 3 seconds or less to tell your visitor why they should stay. But more importantly your site has to drive your business goals. An effective site will improve your bottom line – and an ineffective one won’t, in fact it can actually detract. If done correctly, website marketing will allow people to find you online, drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic to prospects and customers. A well-designed site allows your visitors to easily learn about your products and services, see why they want and need them, get their questions answered, and be persuaded to take action.

Through well-organized information, easy to use navigation, calls to action and special offers, hard working landing pages and lead capture forms that convert, your website will capture leads, engage customers and keep them coming back, lower customer support costs and most importantly, increase sales. An effective website is designed with specific business goals in mind and be able to achieve and measure them so that you can have a successful business.

Website Platforms

Your website tells the worldDeveloping a successful website requires know-how. Besides the platform itself, you have to understand User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Database Design, Lead Capture, E-Commerce, and Search Engine Optimization, to name a few.

What is an oven to a chef, a ruler to an architect, or a paintbrush to an artist? Just tools. Yet just being able to use tools doesn’t mean you get professional results. Each business is unique. There is no one-size-fits all template approach that will move your business forward. If you are serious about your business, you want your website created by a professional that understands technology and marketing and how to put it all together in a way that works for now and for the future.

We’ve heard many stories of sites that never got completed, were hard to update, didn’t get the job done or required lots of learning and up keep. Don’t let that happen to you. We have years of experience in Internet Marketing, Website Design and Website Optimization. We believe in using the tools to empower your staff and drive your business. We know what works and how to get it done right the first time. We’ll be there to keep you moving forward as your business expands and your requirements change. We believe not only in building you a website that supports your business, but a platform that develops and expands with your success. If you are looking for expertise, partnership and support that meets your goals now and in the future, give us a call, let’s get started.