Social Media Marketing

Social Media

social-media-girlWhen done correctly, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) can be a valuable component of your Internet marketing strategy. TC Success translates your company’s brand into social media marketing so that everything works together to help you achieve your business goals. Let’s talk about how social media can help your business.

Using social media in your marketing mix increases website traffic, creates attention and helps you get the word out about your business in a cost effective manner. Because social media platforms are built for easily sharing with others, your message can be spread quickly and to a wide audience of like-minded people allowing you to build your brand and reputation in the community and improve bottom line.

Marketing with social media allows you to develop a personal connection with your customers. By interacting with your audience online, you build affinity between your brand and your customers. We’ll help you develop relevant content that encourages comments, interaction, and sharing so you build an engaged community around your product or topic area. A loyal fan base leads to increased sales and long-term success.


FacebookA good Facebook Page for your business can grow your audience and boost sales. Most everyone is familiar with Facebook Pages for your business, but not all businesses know how use them successfully. At TC Success we help you create a Facebook Page that grows your customer base and supports your business.

First it’s important that your Facebook Page reflect the personality and goals of your company. We’ll develop a Facebook cover photo that integrates the look of your website creating synergy between the two.

We’ll guide you in developing and posting content that encourages interaction, sharing, and drives traffic back to your site. We can develop an editorial calendar to make it easy to keep track of what to do when, so that you have consistent and positive interactions with your customers. TC Success can also create custom tabs such as coupons, special events, sign up forms and promotions that drive your business.

Once you have an effective Facebook Page, TC Success helps you develop a Facebook marketing plan. Using tactics such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Places and Facebook Deals you can use Facebook as a powerful and cost-effective marketing platform to grow your business.

Twitter, YouTube, …

Twitter, YouTubeLinkedIn, Pinterest and more. There are many social media sites that can help your business grow. But they can also create a confusing, dead-end, time sink. At TC Success we help you be successful at social media marketing by targeting the right tool for the right purpose. By learning about your business, we help you develop social media marketing tactics that allows you to reach your audience and drive your business.

You need to be where your customers are. If your target audience uses Twitter to keep up to date on news, promotions and happenings in a topic area that matches our business, it might be a good fit for you. If very few of your customers are on Twitter, your time is better spent in other areas.

If you have a product or service that can be captured, demonstrated or highlighted through video, you might have a basis for a YouTube channel. TC Success can help you decide if this would work to support your business goals, create some interesting content and post it on YouTube. We could also integrate your YouTube videos into your website or Facebook Page creating dynamic content that extends your brand.

Whether you need to generate leads through LinkedIn, show your latest gadgets on Pinterest, or start a Google+ circle, TC Success can help you navigate the social media landscape so that you can be successful online.