Search Marketing


SEOSearch traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing is a huge (if not the largest) source of traffic to most websites. Being found in search engines is essential for your success online. TC Success is experienced at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We understand how search engines crawl, index and categorize your site. Working with us means that you can feel comfortable that SEO best practices are built into your site so that your prospects and customers will find you online.

Working with an online marketing company that understand SEO marketing, is essential. Many things go into getting your site found on search engines. We’ll make sure that your site is structured to take advantage of everything that can be done to help you rise to the top of the search engine results page for your target keywords.

Although it takes and effort time to build organic search traffic, it is a cost-effective marketing tactic that works for you 24/7. Once established, SEO is a reliable source of qualified traffic that gets larger and larger over time. People who come to you through their own searches are looking for what you have to offer. TC Success combines SEO marketing with a web design that converts search visitor into prospects and customers so that your business can grow.

We have deep understanding of keyword research and how to use it to help you gain insights into your audience’s vocabulary, preferences and query behavior. Once we analyze your keyword landscape, we will prioritize traffic driving keywords by relevance, volume, commercial value and completion so that you earn qualified audience through organic search. We are experienced in executing SEO tactics across a variety of platforms. TC Success is Yoast SEO for WordPress Certified.

John Joy successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WP Training course!

Pay Per Click

Couple on sofa using laptops and holding credit cardsPay per click (PPC) is a different type of search engine marketing. Just like it sounds, you create ads that are hosted on search results pages and you “pay” when some one clicks on the ad. They are then directed to a landing page on your site. This can be a very cost effective and targeted method for reaching your audience.

Unlike organic traffic, with PPC you control the timing, the wording, the budget and the landing pages and the offer. What makes PPC so effective is that you can tightly control all of the aspects of your PPC campaign, testing different copy, keywords and landing pages so that over time you can optimize your results. TC Success can create a PPC marketing plan that drives positive ROI for your business.

TC Success will help you develop a PPC campaign that is targeted to a specific goal such as capturing leads, announcing an event or selling a product. We can target your audience by region and research specific keywords that drive to a positive ROI. Using TC Success to manage your Pay per click campaign means that you the benefit of our experience. We know how to create PPC campaigns that work well. Knowing your business allows us to selecting targeted keywords, to writing compelling ads and develop landing pages that convert to a specific call to action.

Local Search

Local SearchFor business with a local presence, adding local search to your SEO strategy is an essential component of being successful in getting found by your customers. Many studies show that upwards of 75% of consumers use the search engines to find local product and services. This is good news for business that targets a local area. There are many methods, both on and off of your website, that can be used to optimize for local search.

Local search is quickly replacing the printed Yellow Pages for looking up product and services online. Unfortunately, unlike the days of the Yellow Pages, consumers use more than one source for finding a local business. Depending on your particular line of business, you need to get listed in the places that post listing in your niche.

TC Success helps you boost your rankings for local search. We help you verify and effectively enhance your Google, Yahoo! And Bing Local listing profiles and gets your business correctly entered into the large local search databases. We can also help you get links from other relevant sites in your local market niche that make sense, add value, boost rankings and drive traffic.  Having your site developed by TC Success will ensure your regular and local search results.