Execute Programs

Execute Programs

Execute ProgramsOnce you have your plan in place you are ready to execute. Usually the execution of the marketing plan is a shared responsibility. It takes many players to execute a plan. Execution of the plan also needs to incorporate unforeseen circumstances such as changes to budget, schedule or insertion of new priorities. Successfully executing the plan takes leadership, coordination, and communication. TC Success can work with you to help ensure that your plan is properly executed. This can take different shape depending on the budget, the requirements of the plan itself and your available resources. During the development of the Marketing Plan, discussions take place around resources and accountability for various tasks. Based on those discussions, you may select to have TC Success play a role in executing some projects or implementing new tactics. These can be established and budgeted at that time.

Another important aspect of successful execution, is regular coordination and communication with team members. Regular meetings and updates that review progress, discuss issues, and communicate changes are necessary for staying on track. Otherwise, all of the effort and work you have invested in creating the plan will erode over time. TC Success can help facilitate this by coordinating and facilitating status meetings and providing notes on decisions which are then incorporated back into the marketing plan to ensure that it stays up to date and accurately reflects the current situation.

Input – Components for Executing Program include:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Team Meetings
  • Technical Tools
  • Staff Resources
  • Vendor Agreements

Output – Executing the Program

 During the execution phase, many moving parts are underway and you continually refer back to the marketing plan to monitor progress and incorporate changes. The on-the-ground activity takes place.

This work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Developing Creative Assets
  • Negotiating Costs
  • Managing Projects
  • Creating Programs
  • Establishing Partnership
  • Building Out New Tactics
  • Creating Test Plans
  • Pulling Lists
  • Deploying the Campaigns.
Goal: Execute the plan in an effective and timely manner while constantly monitoring progress, incorporating change, and communicating with team members. Next Step