Conduct Review

Conduct Review

Conduct ReviewTC Success will conduct a thorough review of current programs and performance. Reporting will provide an overview of current performance, position in the market place, potential for growth, strengths and weakness of the current program overall. Depending on your needs and desired scope, input for this stage can include any of the following for the past 18 months:

Input – Components for Conducting Review include:

  • Analysis of Web Analytics
  • Email Campaign Reports
  • Financial Analysis
  • Registration Results
  • Database Evaluation
  • Interviews with key Managers
  • Survey of customers
  • Review of available technical systems and tools
  • Competition
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Search Engine Performance


360 Degree Performance Review report summarizing the findings from the above list of input in an organized and comprehensible format drawing together disparate aspects of the current business environment, presented it in a digestible format. This report will provide you with a high-level view of and valuable context for your marketing program. It will provide you a clearer perspective and deeper understanding, help you connect the dots, have conviction for your decisions and communicate to your co-workers. This report will include written analysis, graphs, data, observations, and recommendations. TC Success will go deep into the analysis and provide context for the issues of performance, competition, market, customer satisfaction as well as present challenges and business opportunities that set the stage for the strategic review. If requested, this report can also be provided in an accompanying Power Point presentation making communication and sharing easier.

Goal: Create an understanding and acceptance of the current business environment by providing context, bringing information to light, developing insights and connecting the dots which lay the foundation for developing effective strategies for addressing the existing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities. Next Step