Our Marketing Process

The TC Success Marketing Process


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    Conduct Review

    We’ll start with an assessment of where you are, what resources you have available, and where the gaps are.

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    Develop Strategy

    Based on the information and insights gained in your Review, Together, we’ll create a your strategy.

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    Create Plan

    With your strategy in place, we develop the specific marketing programs that support your strategy.

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    Execute Progs.

    With all of the preparation now completed, this is where we actually do the marketing.

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    Analyze Results

    Analysis Monitors progress, make adjustments set new directions to keep on track.

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Our Marketing Process Will Work For You

Having many years of marketing experience has given us a unique perspective. We have been through the process of developing successful marketing programs many times. There is a continuous cycle that if applied, will produce amazing results to any situation

Marketing is both an art and a science. In order to move the business forward, you need a system that applies both intelligent creativity and disciplined application. Our Marketing Process, combining both left and right brain activity yields powerful results. Thoughtful, qualitative processes such as conducting interviews, brainstorming ideas and talking through strategies sets the tone, creates the vision, provides the direction, and sets the objectives for your unique marketing situation. Disciplined, quantitative processes such as forecasting, scheduling, tracking, testing and measuring, gets the work done, provides data for making decisions, and measures your performance against specific goals.

The system is scalable. Each of these steps can be expanded or contracted to fit the scope of the particular situation. The deeper and wider the process, the more time and effort it takes up front, but the more comprehensive the plan and results. You can also take a more narrow approach if you want to get started quickly and see results faster. In either scenario, the essential idea is to take a holistic view so that all aspects of the marketing cycle are taken into consideration and the result is a fully optimized program. Skipping any of these steps is sure to limit the desired outcome. However, because it is flexible, together we can decide how to apply it in a way that best helps you achieve your company’s business goals.

And best of all, the cycle is continuous. Once you reach the end, we simply start the review process over again, but this time at a higher level. Let’s look at each of these steps in the cycle.

What you get out of it:

  • A Clear Vision of Your Mission
  • Measureable Goals and Objectives
  • Defined Customer & Product Models
  • Marketing Plan That You Can Execute
  • An Operational, Efficient Process
  • Control Over Your Program & Results
  • Measureable Feedback On Your Progress
  • An Engaged and Effective Team
  • Real Results

How We Can Work Together

We know…. this may seem daunting. With limited available time and too much already on your plate, a process like this may seem overwhelming to you. But it does work. Our process will allow you to make outstanding improvements and see amazing performance, your marketing program will improve by leaps and bounds. So in the end, you’ll gain time and capacity. It’s worth it. But you don’t need to it alone. The most effective way to make progress towards your goals would be to engage TC Success to help you through this five-step process. We can work together to design and implementation of this process that meets your unique resources of time and budget. For large or small projects, thinking of the big picture while you work on the individual pieces will make you more effective. You can do things the right way, even while you work fast to improve the value of your marketing efforts.

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