Email Marketing


EmailEmail is one of the most powerful online marketing tactics that you can use to drive your business. Having your prospect or customer’s email address means they have given you permission to reach out and communicate with them directly. If you honor that trust by doing email well, you will continue to enjoy their opt-in permission and readership and benefit from a long-term relationship.

Email is an effective means of driving traffic, providing customer support, educating your audience and promoting your products. The best thing about email is that it is a “push” strategy. Unlike most online marketing tactics, with email you send the message, rather for waiting for the customer or prospect to come to you. That means that you get to be in front of the customer when you have something to say. But as mentioned above, in order to keep that permission and to keep your subscribers opening and clicking your emails, you have to offer relevant, useful information to them or you will lose them, fast. TC Success can help you develop or optimize your email program so that you add value for your customer and drive your business.

Audience Segmentation & Database Management

An opt-in email listAn Opt-in email list is a tangible asset for your company. TC Success will help you develop strategies for building your email list through proven tactics such as special promotions, incentives and effective lead capture forms. Every time you have contact with a prospect or customer both on and offline, you have an opportunity to build your list. By understanding how your company interacts with prospects and customers, we can help you to build and manage an email database that helps to drive your business. If you already have a customer list, we can help you effectively manage it so that your list is segmented by demographics and customer needs. This allows you to create and send targeted offers that get results.

TC Success can help you create powerful emails that increase your business

TC Success can helpThere are many kinds of email formats. Whether it’s an email newsletter, a thank you note or a promotional email, TC Success will help you craft an email that gets opened and read by applying compelling offers, engaging copy and best-practices design. We ensure that your branding and messaging is effectively managed in the email creative design so that you have a great look and a well-performing email. We’ll also ensure that it passes through spam filters and makes it into your customer’s inbox. At  TC Success, we know how to make emails perform.