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How We Help

We approached Talia’s 2020 Planning Season Campaign with two main objectives in mind: build brand awareness and drive sales.

We created a series of multi-channel ads that spoke directly to segmented audiences, and tested and retooled our efforts throughout the campaign to ensure effectiveness and economy of spend.

In addition to running Google and Facebook ads, we created Talia’s organic social media content and encouraged community building and account engagement

The Challenge

The client, although successfully driving sales through Amazon, wanted to build their brand awareness amongst a wider, general audience and create a direct sales channel to their website.

Fans of discbound planners and notebooks are deeply loyal, and getting them to embrace a new brand and understand Talia’s versatility, quality and value required break-through messaging. For traditional planner users, we needed to communicate the major benefit of the “discbound” system of flexibility, choice, affordability and integration with their other tools and get users to envision themselves enjoying the benefits of planning.

We set out to educate new audiences on the functionality and benefits of Talia notebooks while illustrating the versatility and value of the offering to fans of similar discbound products by creating a landing page with special offer, testimonials, a gallery of best sellers and free product. Our greatest ROAS was seen in the retargeting sector with, while our awareness efforts formed a strong foundation for ongoing engagement and conversions with 700,000 brand building impressions.


The Solution


Research the target market of younger, ambitious, organized and busy mix of students, professionals and moms by demographics, interests, competition, etc. Structure profitable campaigns on advertising platforms to deliver customized messaging by each segment's unique needs and challenges.


Create compelling ads to resonate with each audience segment in a variety of formats including text, video, image, and carousel ads across a variety of platforms aimed at all stages of the customer journey.


Build a customized landing page highlighting product features and benefits, best sellers, customer quotes and a special bundle coupon offer so that when they got to the website they were product-educated and ready to purchase. Sticky bar on the website carried forth the offer through purchase.

The Result

Our Planning Season Campaign for Talia was launched early November and lasted through mid January, in alignment of the timing when most people are purchasing their 2020 planners and organizers.

The campaign helped Talia achieve a doubling of sales over the previous year, and established significant sales directly through their own website which had previously not been the case. Brand awareness was increased via 700,000+ impressions across Display, Search, Social and Video campaigns as evidenced by Brand searches which increased 120% YOY and 42% over the previous period. Clicks and conversion rates were positive and resulted in 190% increase in conversions over the previous period.

In addition to the immediate results, the campaigns, audiences, ads, posts and landing pages are all assets which Talia has at their disposal and will be used going forward. Overall, the year-end planning activity resulted in a 100% increase in sales over the previous period as well as provided momentum and assets moving forward.

Here is What Our Clients Have to Say

“TC Success has provided us with the insight we needed to organize our strategic goals around real data about our users. Uncovering new trends in engagement and usage will be key to growing our digital business going forward.”

Matt Heron

Director Product Development, JAMA

“Our experience with TC Success has been outstanding. Kathryn works very hard to ensure all of her project output is of the highest quality and something her brand can be proud of. She has great vision coupled with a disciplined approach to achieving success. I particularly appreciate their strategic approach to tackling the marketing objectives and the organization they bring to execution of the strategy. They will go the extra mile to ensure the work is completed on time, on budget, and to our ultimate satisfaction.”

Michelle Hache

Director, Strategic Business Analysis and Planning, NEJM Group

“After about a year trying to manage social media by ourselves for our brand we contacted Kathryn and her team at TC Success for some help….best decision we ever made! Kathryn and her team at TC Success are very experienced, smart, talented, resourceful and were super enthusiastic about growing our brand together. They worked with us to simplify and better target our social media spend – saving us thousands of dollars. We kicked off our project by discussing our budget right away. We worked together with the team at TC success to prioritize and how they would help us manage our spend better – all within that budget. Everything we needed a website update, a product video, better product photos, tracking tags you name they did it. After about a month of development, we were ready to go….TC Success created new assets like lifestyle photos to use in our communications, website updates and social media groupings to target. TC Success then went to work on the social marketing strategy we created, updating us along the way……allowing me and my team to fully focus on the operations of my company during our busiest seaon – picking and packing orders etc. Our promo season was very successful – our social spend was within budget and our sales went up significantly during this time. We also learned a lot, what worked and what didn’t work, how to better take market share from our competitors, identify what additional assets we need to build an even better strategy going forward. Very exciting to be working with Kathryn and her team at TC Success!”

Patrick Conway

President, Talia Discbound & Mintra USA

“Kathryn is the best digital marketing project manager I’ve ever worked with. She’s able to juggle design revisions, copywriting revisions and tech specs with here eyes closed (while staying sane).”

Nate Write

B2B Strategist

“TC Success has helped us think strategically about our digital marketing programs and platform. In a series of baseline reports that covered traffic and audience profiles and broadly analyzed and assessed our existing marketing systems, we have gained invaluable perspective that have us moving forward with confidence. TC Success consulting combines deep experience with full engagement such that each report we received from them was not only incredibly thorough, but also offered the insight and ideas that are helping us to create a complete marketing system.”

John Stephenson

CEO, The Answer Page

“TC Success describes them well! They brought my consulting business into the digital word with a web site, newsletter and easy to use mailing program. Even more importantly, they walked me through the process in a helpful, organized manner. And they were fun to work with! I would recommend TC Success to get your organization on the fast track.”

Merrily Evdokimoff, PhD, RN

Owner, M&J Home Health Associates

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