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  • Evaluating Site Speed in a Mobile-First World

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    How Should You Prioritize Site Speed? Your development team has a long list of requests in front of them. The SEO marketing manager wants to improve the site’s page speed for SEO purposes, the product manager for user experience. In order to allocate resources most effectively, companies must consider the importance of page speed and […]

  • Remarketing Privacy Policy Updates

    Remarketing Privacy Policy Sample

    Is  your privacy policy correct for remarketing? If you are using Google Adwords or a similar retargeting program, it may not be. Remarketing campaigns are one of the most successful types of paid ad campaigns you can do in online marketing. The high-level concept is pretty basic. You place a remarketing tag on all of […]

  • NEJM Knowledge+ home page

    Congratulations to the NEJM Knowledgeplus Team

    Product Launch for NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review – An amazing effort Over the past year+ I have had the privilege to be part of an incredible team of people helping with the marketing efforts for a breakthrough new product from the NEJM Group. “NEJM Knowledge+ combines gold-standard content with the most efficient, engaging […]

  • Avoid time-crunch email mistakes

    How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

    There is nothing as stressful as pushing the “Send” button on a big email. Well, unless of course it is seeing the panicked face of your boss coming down the hall with a copy of your latest email in her hand. As businesses have become more reliant on e-mail as a part of the marketing […]

  • Marketing Projects Require Perseverance

    Marketing is a process, an on-going relationship with your audience over time. It requires taking the long view and a commitment to keeping your marketing platform and your products evolving to keep up with them. Digital Marketing is hard. Upgrading websites, developing new media formats, creating apps…these efforts require big projects. Many of the technical […]

  • What are keywords? And how do I use them?

    You may have heard the term “keywords” used in conversation and although you have a general understanding – you know that “keyword” is the term to describe what searchers type into the search bar in Google or other search engines – but beyond that, you aren’t sure what to do with them. What are keywords? […]