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  • Benefits of moving from HTTP to HTTPS

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    If you have been contemplating switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS, you’re certainly not alone. Recent years, and especially in the first half of 2017, there has been explosive growth in the number of sites making the switch. There are several reasons why the move to HTTPS can be beneficial, and why sites are […]

  • Blog writing tips for SEO

    Blog writing tips for SEO on WordPress sites

    Blog, blog, blog all day long. No matter how good your posts are, it is still important that you make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part of the process. Here are my blog writing tips for SEO success. I know some of the best editors and writers in the world who focus amazing amounts of time, […]

  • CAPTCHA Alternatives

    You probably encountered a CAPTCHA test when registering to become a user on a website. The CAPTCHA test shows a distorted word or phrase that supposedly only have a human would be able to read, and asks the user to type the words shown in the image, thus helping to insure malicious computer programs cannot adversely effect user registration. […]

  • Marketing Budget Allocation for 2013

    Marketing Sherpa recently released its 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark report. In it they examine email marketing from all angles, including where email fits into marketer’s budget plans for this year. And as you may suspect, Email is still providing marketers a strong ROI.   Personally, I am still a huge fan of email as a […]