Online Promotions

Promotional Strategy & Campaign Development

Promotional StrategyIt’s hard to make someone do something. Yet that’s what conversion marketing is  – convincing people to take an action. Maybe you want them to fill out a form, or come to an event, or to buy a product. Just like in person, it helps to persuade them to take action, to give them a special reason to do it. Help them make that decision. Developing an exciting promotion that works for the audience and helps them take that next step in the sales cycle, requires timing, persuasion strategy,  excellent communication and creative execution.

We’ve created lots of online promotions. We can design a promotion that works perfectly for your audience, your timing, your product line and your line of business. Once we’ve developed a promotion, we can turn it into a multi-channel campaign where we  take your promotion, create a cohesive theme around it (copy, graphics, etc) and integrate them into all aspects of your online marketing platform including your Website, Twitter feed, PPC campaign, email list and Facebook Page. We’ll work with you to design the campaign and execute the steps, so that you have a successful campaign that drives sales.

A successful campaign may be aimed at one aspect of your marketing plan, but it should also fit into your overall marketing strategy. You want your campaign to support your brand, fit into all of your other marketing efforts and help you achieve your specific marketing goals.

Incentives & Landing Pages

Incentives & Landing PagesPerhaps it is creating a “white paper” (an in-depth, explanation of something that you have expertise in), that your site visitor might find valuable enough to fill out a form to get. This can be written and hosted on your site for easy download. This offers lots of value to the visitor, but little cost to you. Or it could be creating an online coupon code that when entered on an order form, provides a discount price.  You can offer a give-away to the first 100 customers who come in the door, or refer a friend. We’ll help you create something that works and integrate it into your marketing.

We know how to create converting landing pages as well. From headlines to online forms, from hero shots to persuasive copy, our landing pages increase your conversion rates and decrease page friction. Depending on your system’s capabilities, we can design the page to fit into your platform, or we can design and host it for you, using some of our in-house tools. Whatever your promotional goals are we can take it all the way through to completion.

Limited Time Offers & Free Trials

Limited Time OffersThere’s nothing like a deadline to make people take action. As the old saying goes “Nobody wants to buy anything, but we all love to own something.” Giving people a date to act really boosts their incentive to “do it now.” Limited-time promotions can help you create a persuasive message that might just push them over the edge to take action. We can work timing incentives into your campaigns in a way that helps you create excitement and deliver value. If you have a subscription product we are experienced at evaluating and testing the ROI of free trial offers. It isn’t always easy to know they best way to offer a product. Sometimes the best idea can take off, but so does profitability. Let TC Success help you evaluate the options on paper and do the math before the campaign is finalized so that you can evaluate the impact of various strategies before you decide.

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