Develop Strategy

Develop Strategy

Develop StrategyBased on the above review, TC Success will facilitate a process that allows a defined strategy to emerge which serves as the foundation for development of the marketing plan. In the strategic phase, the team answers the following questions: “What need does our product serve?” “Who is our audience?” “How are we uniquely positioned to meet their needs?” ”How can we get there?” During this phase, the team revisits their mission and explores the high-level vision of what they are trying to accomplish. We develop a succinct mission statement of a few sentences which effectively captures and communicates your vision. With this mission statement in hand, the next step is to create high-level objectives in the areas of customer needs, product development, financial performance and messaging. If the Mission statement is the “What you want to accomplish.” Setting the objectives is the “How we are going to accomplish it.” This process crystallizes your strategy by allowing you to define your priorities, develop the best way to achieve them and define the path for getting there. With a shared and stated vision, and defined high-level objectives, which sets the course for the marketing plan, you can successfully craft a plan that allows you to achieve your marketing goals.

Input – Components for Developing Strategy include:

  • 360 Degree Performance Review
  • Facilitated Discussions & Meetings
  • Notes and Meeting Summaries

Output – Strategic Road map. This document a write up which consists of the following:

  • Mission Statement
  • High-level Objectives for key areas
  • Product Direction
  • Defined Messaging Strategy
Goal: To facilitate the marketing team through the process of uncovering, honing and defining the underlying strategy of the program. Next Step