Create Plan

Create Marketing Plan

Create PlanWith your mission, objectives and strategy in place, TC Success is ready to develop your successful marketing plan. During this phase we explore various options for potential programs, channels and tactics. We go through a brainstorming process of considering new ideas, areas of improvement for existing programs and limiting or eliminating existing programs which do not perform but take up valuable resources. From this full list of ideas, we go through the process of assessment to determine which ones have the best chance of success based on level of difficulty, cost and effectiveness. With a prioritized list in hand, we create the marketing plan. The plan has the following components. The first is a narrative reemphasizing the strategy and explaining how this will be applied to specific tactics, and outlines the budgets and time frames for the plan. It also contains a list of projects with costs, areas of responsibility and schedule of completion that will be accomplished during the time frame of the plan. The projects are calendared so that their output can be built into the plan and their progressed can be monitored. Next is the list of specific tactics organized into logical sections, that contain dates, audience reach, estimated costs, forecasted performance metrics culminating in forecasted registrations and revenue.

Input – Components for Creating Plan include:

  • Strategic Road Map
  • List of Stated Business Challenges and Opportunities
  • Financial Goals and Budgets – Past Results from Campaign Reports
  • Inventory of Available Impressions
  • Forecasted Results for Various Tactics
  • Discussions with Business Units
  • Schedule of Events
  • List of Content Components and Assets
  • Review of Technical Tools & Systems
  • Assessment of Personnel Resources

Output – Marketing Plan

  • Narrative
  • List of Projects
  • Schedule of Events
  • Forecasted Performance
  • List of Identified Resources
  • Assigned Accountability
Goal: Create a Marketing Plan with detailed programs ready to implement. Next Step